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EHG Law Firm provides legal services to individuals charged with DUI, traffic citations and other offenses related to drugs and alcohol.


EHG law firm provides legal services to those charged with traffic, drug or alcohol related offenses.


My clients are looking for an attorney who is readily available to address their unique concerns throughout the life of the case. When my client has a question, he or she wants to speak with me directly, and not be routed through an answering service. I am the primary point of contact for my clients and I encourage regular contact on my cell phone, via text, phone or email.


At the outset, I engage in a lengthy and meaningful discussion with my client about his or her individual concerns regarding the pending criminal charges. Regardless of complexity, for every case there are many different possible outcomes that can have a variety of implications for my client. I tell my client what he or she can expect, and discuss the specific motions, trial strategies and negotiations that best address my client’s priorities.


My clients know that I will provide prompt updates that include straightforward explanations of what has happened in his or her case, along with what our options will be moving forward. I invest a great deal of time explaining important decisions that must be made and I provide my clients with the information necessary to make these critical decisions, in a timely fashion.

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The result of your case can have profound consequences on your life. Many of these types of charges may result in jail or prison time. Your conviction may be one that can appear on your driving record or your “rap sheet” for the rest of your life. You intuitively understand that a conviction can, for example, prevent you from being accepted by academic institutions or considered for future employment opportunities.

If this is the first time you have ever had to appear in court to answer to criminal charges, this is an exceptionally anxious period in your life.

Your primary concern at the outset should be to minimize the impact a criminal conviction will have on your future. It should still be possible to achieve all of the hopes and dreams you had prior to this charge.

Selecting the right defense attorney for your case is the first and most important step towards ensuring that your criminal charge does not prevent you from realizing the goals that you have set for yourself.

Any encounter with law enforcement, whether it is a simple citation or a felony arrest, should be treated very seriously. There are often grave and unforeseen consequences awaiting those who attempt to handle a criminal charge without being represented by an effective attorney. In Atlanta, Georgia, the one to turn to is Erin H. Gerstenzang.

Erin’s goal as an Atlanta criminal defense attorney is to deliver the highest possible quality legal services to each of her clients. She will use her experience, knowledge, education, creativity and technology to provide you with a powerfully effective defense.


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Easy and frictionless communication is essential
to a successful attorney-client relationship


While a case is pending, it is not uncommon for a client to have to make challenging decisions regarding the case. For instance, a client may have to decide if the case should go to trial, and if so, should it be a bench trial or a jury trial? If the prosecutor offers a plea bargain is it worth considering? What are the benefits and consequences of these choices? These decisions cannot be made by the attorney, but rather by the client. However they are often complicated and multi-faceted decisions that are difficult to make. My clients rely on regular conferences with me that include clear, digestible explanations as to what the best options are and how those options may influence the outcome of the case.

I describe an ideal attorney-client relationship as having easy and frictionless communication between me and my client. In some situations, it makes sense for the client to include family or close confidants in our discussions for advice about important legal decisions. In these instances, it is not uncommon for parents or loved ones to contact me directly to have meaningful conversations about the best strategy to pursue.

Honest and open client-communication is essential to the attorney-client relationship and I have made it the bedrock of my law practice.

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My clients want an attorney who is not only extremely effective in the courtroom and driven to achieve the best possible results, but also someone who is able to provide unrivaled client service.

Whether you are confronted with a serious criminal offense or traffic matter, the prospect of going to court is terrifying for almost everyone. Your attorney should make this experience as painless as possible. About Erin

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