Legal Coaching

When you are trying to solve a legal problem by yourself, feeling prepared means knowing what to expect. Legal coaching sessions are a resource available to people considering self-representation or to others simply hoping to learn more about a traffic ticket, criminal charge or license issues.

Is legal coaching right for me?

At EHG Law Firm we are expert problem solvers. Some problems, like serious criminal offenses, require dedicated representation and we work to solve those problems on a fixed, flat fee. But one size does not fit all when it comes to criminal defense, and not everybody needs — or can afford — traditional legal representation.
Legal coaching is a new approach for helping you get the advice and strategy you need, one phone call at a time. Instead of spending days trying to do research on your own, EHG Legal Coaching is designed to give you a lot of information in a short period of time, providing you with a better understanding of your charges and the criminal court process in 30-60 minutes.
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Some common examples of how Legal Coaching can be valuable include

    • Learn how to address an active warrant
    • Find out what you need to know when you plan to represent yourself on a traffic ticket  or at a probation violation hearing
    • When someone you care about has been arrested and you want to find out what the next steps should be
    • Help students prepare for school and university disciplinary hearings
    • Prepare for a licensing board  disciplinary hearing (e.g., nurses, doctors, pharmacists, educators)
    • Find out what resources are available to help you navigate the criminal courts
    • Learn how to talk to an employer about a criminal record or recent arrest
    • Plan an intervention with family members to address risky behavior
    • “Scared Straight Talk” to help teens and young adults understand the potential consequences of criminal behavior
    • Learn how to talk about your criminal record during a job interview in a way that keeps doors open

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