Driving Without a License in Atlanta

If the court convicts you of driving without a license in Atlanta, you are likely facing a fine of $500, two days in county jail, and a license suspension. And, if it’s your second offense within five years, it could be a minimum of $1,000 and spend at least ten days in the county jail.

How Do I Handle a Citation For Driving With No License?

After you’ve received a citation for driving without a license, you should make sure you have your court date correct. The penalties for this offense are hefty enough without adding a Failure to Appear (FTA) charge to the mix.

It is not uncommon for drivers to misread the assigned court date written on their ticket. Always double-check the date and time to make sure you reading it correctly.

If the violation occurred within the city of Atlanta, then your ticket will typically be filed with the Municipal Court of Atlanta, although occasionally they will go to Fulton County State Court. They have a great online system that allows you to search for your ticket by citation number, case number, or name. Once you find your case online, you will be able to check the status of an upcoming court date.

How Do I Know if My License is Suspended?

Sometimes, drivers are unaware that they are driving with a suspended license. While the Department of Driver Services (DDS) will notify you, it is common for people to overlook it. You may also miss the notification if your address is not current on your license.

The state may suspend your license if any of the following occur:

If you think the Department of Driver Services may have suspended your license, you should contact them to be sure. You can reach them at (678) 413-8500 or (866) 754-3687 (outside Metro Atlanta). You can also visit the DDS website at www.dds.ga.gov.

Driving Without A License On Person

Another common situation that could result in a citation for driving without a license in Atlanta is when a driver has a valid license but did not have it on them at the time of the traffic stop.

Georgia law requires every driver to have a license and carry it with them. So, you could still face a misdemeanor charge for leaving your valid Georgia driver’s license at home. But, usually, you can clear up this situation by bringing your license to court and paying a nominal fine.

Hiring a Lawyer for a Traffic Offense

The penalties for driving without a license are frequently more severe than you would hope, and you may find that an experienced lawyer can help. Avoid unpleasant consequences like losing your license for an additional six months, paying more fees, and facing mandatory defensive driving classes.

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