Facing Traffic Violation Charges in Georgia

Getting a traffic ticket in Atlanta and the surrounding metro area can have serious consequences. The potential charges can cost you thousands in fines, higher insurance rates and can even lead to license suspension and jail time. The right attorney, though, can help you fight tickets and violations, and avoid point accumulation on your driving record. 

Do I really need to hire a traffic attorney?

Most people who go to court without an attorney choose to plead nolo, or no contest. This often sounds appealing because drivers tend to assume that the negative consequences of a traffic conviction are related to the accumulation of points. However, a nolo plea is still documented on your driving history, which will not keep your insurance company from discovering the violation. In other words, you could be penalized by higher insurance rates, regardless of a nolo plea. What you really should be looking for is either a complete dismissal or a reduction to a non-reportable offense (convictions for speeding less than 15 over the limit are not reported to DDS) so that your insurance rates are not affected.

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Even if you are not sure if you want a lawyer’s assistance, Attorney Erin Gerstenzang is available to discuss your case so that you know your options and fully understand the potential consequences of conviction. An experienced traffic attorney with intimate knowledge of Georgia’s court systems and judges, Erin may be able to help you recognize legal arguments that could result in charges being dismissed entirely, or simply help you strategize a plan for presenting persuasive mitigating information to the court that could result in a reduction of your charge or penalties.

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If you’re facing a traffic violation, contact Attorney Erin Gerstenzang today to find out whether you should consider legal representation when you go to traffic court.

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