Resolving Traffic Violation Charges at Gwinnett Recorder’s Court

When law enforcement charges you with a traffic violation, not only will you likely incur a fine, but you may also face problematic consequences on your driving record, and in some more serious cases in Gwinnett Recorder’s Court, drivers can face probation and jail time.

Understanding Your Driving History

It is a good idea to know exactly how many points you currently have. This way, you have a better idea of whether or not you should be concerned about the accumulation of additional points due to the new ticket.

Most drivers assume that their insurance rates will increase if they get points added to their record. But, this is not always the case. Typically, insurance companies are more concerned with convictions on your record than they are with a point count.

However, drivers over the age of 21 should be concerned if they are close to having 15 points within two years because they face possible license suspension.

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Can I Keep My Insurance From Going Up with a NOLO Plea for a Traffic Violation?

Most people who go to court without an attorney choose to plead “nolo,” or no contest. They take this plea because they assume it will keep their insurance rates from going up. While pleading no contest might seem like the more appealing route, it does not mean your insurance company will not hike your rates. Many nolo pleas and guilty pleas are treated identically (as convictions) when determining how and when to increase the premiums.

Instead of pleading no contest, it is typically more beneficial to seek a complete dismissal or a reduction to a non-reportable offense so that your insurance rates are not affected.

Though, there are still situations where a nolo plea offers valuable advantages including in cases where you have a no license, or paperwork charge. But if you do not have an attorney to guide you, it would be wise to research your options thoroughly before making a hasty decision at your court date.

What to Know Before Going to Traffic Court Without a Lawyer

Even if you are unsure about hiring a lawyer, attorney Erin Gerstenzang is available to discuss your case so that you know your options and fully understand the potential consequences of a conviction.

With an experienced traffic attorney, you have the advantage of having a professional guide you through legal arguments that could result in the court dismissing your charges entirely. Additionally, you have someone experienced in handling traffic cases at Gwinnett Recorder’s Court to help you create a strategy that could result in the reduction of your charges or penalties.

If you’d like assistance or guidance, schedule a free consultation to speak to an attorney today.