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EHG Law Firm provides guidance and support for college students facing DUI charges.

Atlanta DUI Lawyer Erin Gerstenzang

Student DUI Defense

Being charged with DUI as a college student in Georgia can be overwhelming, but understanding the process and potential consequences is essential. Here’s what you need to know:

University Consequences: In most cases, a DUI charge occurring off-campus won’t directly affect your academic standing. However, universities may have specific codes of conduct that allow for disciplinary actions. These actions can include disciplinary council hearings and court-imposed penalties.

First Offense: After a first offense, universities often recommend counseling and treatment as a learning opportunity to help you make better choices in the future.

Multiple Offenses: Multiple DUI offenses may lead to expulsion. Having an experienced Atlanta student DUI defense lawyer can help protect your rights during these challenging situations.

Disclosure to Employers

Understanding when and if to disclose a DUI charge to employers is essential. Here’s what you should consider:

Employer Requirements: Whether you need to disclose a DUI charge to your employer largely depends on their specific policies. In many cases, employers may not require this information, especially if your job doesn’t involve driving a company vehicle.

Disclosure to Insurance Companies

Knowing when to inform your insurance company about a DUI arrest is vital:

DUI Arrest: Generally, you don’t need to inform your insurance company about a DUI arrest unless it involves an accident. However, after a conviction, it will be reported on the National Driver Registry, potentially leading to periodic license checks.

Accidents: If an accident occurs, it’s advisable to notify your insurance company to facilitate damage claims. The extent of information required may depend on your insurance policy terms.

Long-Term Considerations

While facing a DUI charge can be concerning, it’s essential to approach it with a focus on resolution rather than fear. Here are some long-term considerations:

Driver’s License: Expect a driver’s license suspension, which may impact your daily life, especially if you rely on your vehicle for school, work, or family commitments.

Employment and Education: A DUI conviction can affect your ability to find future employment or educational opportunities. It may lead to higher insurance rates and licensing issues for certain professions. However, many students successfully move past this experience.

Permanent Record: A DUI conviction on your permanent record can influence employer hiring decisions and limit career options. With the right legal representation, you can navigate these challenges effectively.

College Applications and Scholarships

College Application: Whether to disclose a DUI on a college application depends on the specific requirements. If the application requests information about criminal adjudications, then the DUI should be reported. Falsifying information on a college application can lead to disciplinary action by the college or university. In most cases, a one-time DUI is unlikely to result in denied admission.

Scholarship Opportunities: Some students may become eligible for certain financial aid or scholarships due to a DUI conviction, typically applicable to felony DUI convictions. Most DUIs in Georgia are prosecuted as misdemeanors, which may not impact financial aid. Private scholarship opportunities will depend on individual program requirements, which may include prohibitions related to misdemeanor or felony DUIs.

College Athletes and Professional Schools

College Athletes: College athletes arrested for drunk driving may face suspension, as honor codes often prohibit alcohol or drug usage. Depending on the school and criminal charges, a college athlete could even lose their athletic scholarship due to drunk driving charges.

Law School or Graduate School: Graduate and professional school applications vary in their requirements regarding DUI disclosures. While many graduate school applications include sections for reporting criminal convictions, others may only require reporting of felonies, which DUIs rarely fall under. Professional schools like law schools may require disclosure of events raising character fitness issues, which can include crimes or wrongdoing without convictions. Failing to disclose such events could pose future problems, especially with the Georgia Office of Bar Admissions.

Consultation Expectations

In your consultation with us, come prepared to discuss:

  • Details of the DUI incident.
  • Where and if alcohol was consumed.
  • How the traffic stop occurred.
  • Field sobriety tests conducted.

Our attorney will assess whether the arresting officer followed proper procedures. If any procedural errors occurred, this could potentially lead to charges being dropped.

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If you’re a college student facing DUI charges in Georgia, we’re here to provide guidance and support. Your education and future prospects are important to us. Contact us today for a free consultation, and let us help you navigate this challenging situation. Together, we can protect your rights and work towards the best possible outcome without causing unnecessary alarm.

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In Georgia, you can be charged with a “less safe” DUI if the prosecutor can demonstrate that your ability to drive was impaired by alcohol or drugs, even if you did not take a chemical test. To prove a “less safe” DUI, the prosecutor may present evidence such as your initial driving behavior (weaving, speeding, or failing to maintain your lane), speech patterns (slurred or mumbled words), the smell of alcohol on your breath, balance issues, and the results of field sobriety tests. In a “less safe” DUI case, the prosecutor must show that you were under the influence of alcohol or drugs to the point that you were unable to safely operate a vehicle.

If you took a chemical test, such as a breathalyzer, blood test, or urine test, the prosecutor may try to prove your DUI in two ways: by showing that you were “less safe” to drive due to alcohol or drug impairment, and by demonstrating that your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was above the legal limit. In Georgia, it is illegal for drivers of legal drinking age (21 or older) to operate a vehicle with a BAC of .08% or higher. There are lower BAC limits for commercial drivers and for drivers under 21, who are not allowed to have a BAC of .02% or higher. In Georgia, you may be convicted of a “per se” DUI if the prosecutor can prove that your BAC was above the legal limit within three hours of when you stopped driving, regardless of whether you were “less safe” to drive. If you were arrested in Atlanta, you should have received a copy of your breath test result from the arresting officer.

It is possible to be charged with a DUI for driving under the influence of not only alcohol, but also illegal, prescription, and over-the-counter drugs. However, just because you have been charged with a DUI drug offense does not necessarily mean that there is evidence of drug use. Sometimes, prosecutors may include a drug charge as a precautionary measure to ensure that their case is not dismissed on a technicality. This can be inconvenient and embarrassing, as it may appear on a background check and require an explanation to an employer. An attorney may be able to provide your employer with the necessary information to understand the circumstances of the charge. It is important to note that even if the drug charge is not supported by evidence, you may still face other DUI charges related to alcohol or impaired driving.

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Defense Attorney Erin H. Gerstenzang

DUI Defense for Georgia College Students

For more than a decade, Erin Gerstenzang has been teaching lawyers across the country how to handle DUI cases. Everything from trial techniques to innovative solutions for client problems, Erin is a sought-after speaker who sets the gold standard for what exceptional defense looks like in DUI. With a nationally known course on defending DUI clients, Erin is the go-to for lawyers looking to improve their skills.

Erin Gerstenzang, a member of the Faculty of the National College for DUI Defense, also brings a wealth of knowledge and leadership to the field of DUI defense. She has served as the Chair of the Georgia Public Defender Council’s DUI Trial Strategies Annual Program for seven years and currently holds a position on the Executive Board of the Georgia Association for Criminal Defense Attorneys, where she heads the Judicial Recommendation Committee.

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What it's like to work with Erin

Absolutely the best, kindest, most upfront and caring attorney I have come across!

I called Erin for a simple consultation, and WOW, the wealth of knowledge the gave me was enough for me to go into court and represent myself effectively! She is not a crook or a scam artist out to take advantage of you, she genuinely cares about you and wants you to come out victorious, whether you do or do not use her. I highly recommend her, because not only is she sweet, kind and caring, she is upfront, honesty and to the point – exactly what a lawyer should be! She is definitely an asset to the Atlanta area attorneys and to any client who should choose to use her! There is no better option.

Best Attorney – who can empathize, understand your problems & finds best way to get you out of it – got all my charges dismissed

I was looking for an attorney who could understand my case, who will be able to effectively fight for me and get the best outcome. That’s exactly what Ms. Erin did. She got to drop all the charges including reckless driving and also got my arrest to be restricted. I highly Recommend Ms. Erin.

Pleasant, effective and efficient – thanks Erin!

I wanted the best possible legal outcome and Erin also came highly recommended through another lawyer. She was 100% worth it. Without getting into specifics, I would not have managed the same outcome if I appeared in court on my own. She knew the system, the judges, the court, etc and was extremely timely in her communications and follow-up in the lead up to my court date. Hiring was simple (electronic documents and payment); we communicated over calls and texts, without me having to meet her till the morning of my court date. She was patient in answering all of our questions and explained the legal scenarios clearly. So glad we hired her given the peace of mind and result. Thank you Erin!


If you are definitely looking for a lawyer that would represent you because they have your best interest at heart, Erin is the right person for the task. Not only would she explore and exhaust all options for your case, but she would guide you and give you feedback. She is excellent , knowledgeable, experienced and friendly. I was facing DUI and I had priors before, Erin was able to fight on my behalf and secure a favorable outcome in my case.

Great Lawyer!

Erin was amazing to deal with from start to finish. She really knew what she was doing and knew her way around the courthouse and prosecutors so that we could get the best result possible. She was very professional and communicated things to me very quickly and easily. She helped me out of a somewhat major traffic violation with only a fine. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Stellar Lawyer

I hired Attorney Erin regarding traffic; I was so impressed with her thoroughness engagement and professionalism. She was able to get the largest charge dismissed and I paid a fine for the lesser charge. She was engaged and caring. I always knew what was going on and her prices were very reasonable. This is the lawyer to trust!

Highly recommended!

Erin is confident, competent, knowledgeable, responsive and proactive. These are the key qualities I was looking for in an attorney. She was able to answer all of my questions and managed my expectations – while I was weighing my options. I ultimately decided to take my DUI case to trial and the ruling was in my favor, icing on the cake! If you are looking for legal representation, I strongly recommend consulting/hiring Erin.

Erin saved me time, money and a whole lotta tears

Erin is top notch and made everything easy + seamless when I was feeling very frustrated and upset. I got a speeding ticket in Brookhaven and was not only thrilled with the result she achieved, but also how quickly she helped me.

As an attorney myself, I thought about handling the ticket on my own. I’m so glad I didn’t! She got me a better result than I ever could have imagined in no time. Get off the fence and contact her if you want this weight lifted off your shoulders.

Really Really Great Attorney

Let’s start by saying I was charged with D.U.I ; Marijuana possession; Single car accident on a major highway here in Atlanta; & Refused sobriety test. It didn’t matter Mrs.Gerstenzang went to work had charges reduced to Wreckless Driving with a reduced fine. No headaches of D.U.I classes, no drug evaluation; no probation.

She was Awesome! I would recommend her to represent you. Trust me.

Great Traffic Lawyer

I’ve been a lawyer long enough to know that traffic court, especially in the City of Atlanta, is a very specialized practice. Accordingly, when our son was involved in a minor traffic accident, and we did not want to have to submit to the Atlanta Traffic Court’s “Pre-Trial Intervention-Traffic” scam, we reached out to Erin to handle it. Through her knowledge of the system, the solicitors, and the judges, she got us a great result, which was certainly much better than we could have achieved on our own.

I highly recommend her.

Fantastic lawyer, best possible outcome for the case

Erin was hired for a DUI case involving prescription medication. What made the case difficult was because of certain medical issues the client was not able to participate in his own defense. Erin had to think outside the box in representing the client, which she did with great compassion and success. She did a wonderful job of keeping us informed of her plans for representation and was always available to speak to us when necessary.

In our experience Erin really went to bat for her client. If you need legal representation in this area she is the best.

The best call I ever made

I found myself in a bit of a bind and needed someone that knew the system and could respond quickly. Erin turned on a dime to get me out of the immediate situation I was in and then worked with me to resolve the larger issues with in a month. I have her number in my cell phone and gave it to my family and friends so they know who to call if something goes wrong.

Erin Saved My License!!!

I was arrested for DUI in July, and it was a very scary and stressful time. Erin was able to turn all of that around for me.

The video of my arrest was terrible…after watching what I could stomach, it was apparent that Erin had her work cut out for her. My case was very complicated, and there were several factors that made it difficult to win. In court, it was very clear that Erin is highly respected among her peers. Erin was able to guide me through this tough time, while keeping my driving status in tact, not to mention avoiding jail time! I appreciate Erin’s hard work and dedication.

Amazing Lawyer Hands Down!

Erin deserves nothing less than five stars for her intelligence, commitment, passion, and success as a lawyer. With such an abundance of passion for her practice, Erin is one of the best lawyers in town. She is caring, and can move mountains for clients. Whether I needed help day or night, she was always there for me. Law is not just a job for Erin, but it is a passion and a part of her life. Her success in her cases shows her dedication to her clients. I would recommend Erin in a heart beat to anyone who is looking for a lawyer who not only cares about winning a case, but cares about the clients future. I don’t know what I would of done without Erin by my side supporting and representing me.

Very Impressed

I was referred to Erin through my older cousin who had used her in the past for a DUI case. This was my second DUI so he recommended her as one of the best in Dekalb county. My case was a very peculiar one and there were a lot of factors involved because it involved DUI, Hit and Run and Equipment violation. Erin was able to get all my charges dropped and only have the Equipment violation. I am THOROUGHLY pleased with the gracefulness and professionalism that Erin upheld throughout the entire process. She never seemed defeated or became flustered no matter what new evidence presented itself. She was very knowledgable and I Would definitely recommend her to anyone dealing with DUI or any other criminal offense.

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