Driving under the influence in Georgia

Being charged with a DUI is a foreign and terrifying experience for most drivers. We use our extensive experience, training and courtroom trial skills to achieve the best possible outcome for your case. We will guide you through this scary and stressful time — as an advisor to support you and be by your side, from beginning to end.

Hiring the right DUI attorney

Georgia law is tough on drunk driving, even if this is the first time you’ve been arrested for a DUI. Regardless of your specific charges, you are facing a range of consequences, and your best chance of defense against a DUI charge in Georgia is hiring a knowledgeable DUI attorney with experience practicing in the area in which you were charged.

As you get ready to talk about your case with lawyers, you should prepare a list of questions that you are most concerned about so that you can get helpful advice about what to expect in your case.

Some frequently asked questions include

  • How much jail time can I expect in this court if I enter a plea to DUI or Reckless Driving?
  • What are the immediate license consequences while this case is pending?
  • What are the license consequences if I am convicted of DUI or Reckless Driving?
  • What if my license is from another state other than Georgia?
  • Am I eligible for the Ignition Interlock Device to avoid a license suspension, and if so is it a good idea?
  • Do I have to tell my employer about the arrest?
  • Will my professional licensing board (e.g. nurse, doctor, lawyer, pharmacist) take action against me as a result of this arrest?
  • Can I travel outside the state or country while my case is pending?
  • What are the insurance consequences of this arrest?
  • If I am already on probation, what can I expect to happen as a result of this new arrest?
  • Can I drive rental vehicle?
  • How long will this case take to resolve?
  • What are the challenges or advantages of my case given the circumstances surrounding my arrest?
  • Should I attend DUI School and start community service now or wait until later?

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With offices located in Atlanta, Erin frequently attends court not only in the local metro-Atlanta area (Fulton County), but also in many surrounding counties, including regular appearances in Cherokee, Cobb, Gwinnett, DeKalb, and Paulding counties, and has successfully handled a wide variety of DUI charges in all areas. Thanks to the reputation she has earned, Erin has become a recognized national speaker on DUI defense, and shares her expertise by teaching other DUI defense attorneys.

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