Pleading Guilty Increases ⬆️ Insurance Rates

Don’t plead guilty in traffic court without first understanding how your insurance rates will be…

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What will get you pulled over for DUI?

The first phase of DUI detection is vehicle in motion, where the officer makes DUI-related…

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Why did the officer look at my eyes during the DUI traffic stop?

Before the early 1970s, officers used several different field sobriety tests to determine possible intoxication….

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How To Resolve a Hit and Run at Cobb County State Court

The repercussions for a hit and run in Cobb County can be significant. Often, this…

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Erin dedicates her defense practice to delivering the highest quality legal services possible to each of her clients. Her experience in the courtroom has enabled her to successfully defend DUI, probation violations, traffic tickets and other misdemeanor and felony offenses.

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