Cobb County State Traffic Court

Location + Parking

12 East Park Square
Marietta, GA 30090

You may find a parking spot on the square if you arrive early. That is usually the least expensive way to park, but make sure you can move it every couple of hours as Marietta will fiercely patrol the square and ticket regularly.

If parking on the square is not an option, there are paid parking decks surrounding the square. Make sure you give yourself ample time to find parking and get into the building. Security is tight, and it is not uncommon for there to be long waits to get into the building. Especially during the morning rush!

If you are lucky enough to have an afternoon court date, you may find the crowds are a lot smaller and lines a lot shorter!

Court Communications

Look up your case in advance to ensure your paperwork matches what they have on file! You should be able to find your case on the court’s online docket.

You can also find out a lot of information about your case by visiting the Clerk’s Office on the second floor of State Court.

You might also be curious about who your prosecutor and judge are before going to court. You can find a list of prosecutors and their judges in the Solicitor’s Directory.

Probation Services

If your traffic case requires probation services, you will find them in the same building on the first floor. Be sure to get all your reporting requirements before leaving the courthouse if the Judge has assigned you probation.

It is critical to take ownership of your probation duties and make sure you are clear about the next steps before leaving court. All too often, a simple probation matter can lead to an arrest warrant because of a missed deadline or appointment.

Mugshot Retrieval

You can order a copy of your mugshot using the Cobb Sheriff’s Office online portal.

Be Wary of a NOLO Plea

In Cobb State Court, drivers are often offered the option of pleading “nolo,” or “no contest” once when they speak with the prosecutor.

Nolo sounds like a great alternative to a guilty plea. And it has the added appeal of keeping points off your driving record (in some cases) – which leads many drivers to believe it will help keep their insurance rates down. However, the conviction is still on your driving record and visible to insurance companies, so a nolo plea will not help you avoid higher insurance costs.

There are plenty of situations where a nolo can be very valuable – for instance, many times a nolo plea will prevent an automatic suspension. Make sure you are clear on if and how a nolo will be valuable in your case before moving forward with the plea.

How the EHG Legal Team Can Help

  1. We guarantee damage control – we have full confidence in our ability to improve the outcome of your traffic case we will not keep a fee when we are not able to help.
  2. We cover court appearances – we understand that appearing in court can be a hassle. We handle most, if not all, court dates on your behalf, ensuring that you don’t have to be there.
  3. We investigate license reinstatement – if you need to get your license reinstated, we can help you find out the next steps to take.
  4. We offer support and resources – our team works closely with you to ensure you have a seamless experience throughout the process. We provide assistance 24/7 and make sure you have all the information you need to get things done as quickly and painlessly as possible.