Sandy Springs Municipal Traffic Court

Location + Parking

7840 Roswell Rd.
Building 500
Sandy Springs, GA 30350

For better or worse, one of the most refreshing things about visiting this court is the fact that parking is relatively easy. The courthouse is neatly nestled in an office complex with plenty of parking. You may not be lucky enough to score a spot near the entrance, but you should be able to find the spot with plenty of time to wait in line for security!

Court Communications


You can search the court docket using the Clerk’s online portal or email the Clerk at

Missed Court Date Penalties

It is not uncommon for the Sandy Springs Court to issue a bench warrant and license suspension when a driver misses court. If you are worried that your Georgia license may have already been suspended, you can check the status of your license at

Not all missed court dates require an attorney. Many drivers resolve FTA suspensions themselves by contacting the court clerk to find out the court’s process for resolving FTAs.

Even when the driver catches the error before the Court has issued a warrant or a suspension, it is common for the Judge to impose an additional financial penalty of $100 for missing court.

Hit + Run in a Parking Lot

How serious is it when you hit a parked car and don’t leave a note? In Sandy Springs, law enforcement is very aggressive about writing tickets, and the stigma of a conviction has lasting power.

Most drivers don’t fully understand what the law requires when they hit another car.

If nobody is inside the vehicle, the law requires you to notify the owner and leave your name and address.

If you do not own the car, the law also requires you to leave the car owner’s information.

And, if you cannot locate the owner of the vehicle you hit, you must leave a note “in a conspicuous place on the vehicle” with that same identifying information.

When you don’t take the appropriate steps, an officer will usually be called to track you down and charge you, pursuant to O.C.G.A. 40-6-271.

Don’t be surprised if they show up at your home or leave a voicemail asking you to discuss the case with them.

How the EHG Legal Team Can Help

We guarantee damage control – we have full confidence in our ability to improve the outcome of your traffic case. We will not keep a fee when we are not able to help.

We cover court appearances – we understand that appearing in court can be a hassle. We handle most, if not all, court dates on your behalf, ensuring that you don’t have to be there.

We investigate license reinstatement – if you need to get your license reinstated, we can help you find out the next steps to take.

We offer support and resources – our team works closely with you to ensure you have a seamless experience throughout the process. We provide assistance 24/7 and make sure you have all the information you need to get things done as quickly and painlessly as possible.