Understanding Your Options Before Going to Traffic Court in Alpharetta, Georgia

It’s a good idea to understand your options before you arrive for a court date at Alpharetta Municipal Court for a traffic violation.

Speeding, driving without a license, reckless or aggressive driving, and moving violations are just a few of the traffic offenses that could land you in court. While the penalties will depend on factors such as your age, driving record, and the severity of the offense, any of these violations could result in significant penalties.

So before you arrive at court, you should research the options available to you.

Plea Options for Traffic Violations

Very few people understand the consequences of the decisions the court asks them to make within moments of their arrival. The first big decision you must make is what plea option is best for you: guilty, not guilty, or no contest (nolo).

People often take a nolo plea to avoid pleading guilty and keep points off their driving record. Usually, this stems from the belief that it will also keep their insurance rates from spiking. However, a nolo plea does not protect your insurance rates because the conviction is still on your driving record for insurance companies to see.

But while it might not help your insurance rates, there are specific situations where a nolo plea can be extremely beneficial. For example, if law enforcement charges a person with driving on a suspended license, pleading nolo prevents a 6-month additional license suspension. It can also be valuable in accident cases.

However, the court only allows you to plead nolo once in five years. So drivers should consider their options carefully.

Is Choosing a Jury Trial Right for Your Traffic Case?

People often assume that they must make a final decision at their initial court date – unaware that this is just the first step in the process. Usually, this results in drivers agreeing to unfair conditions – including high fines – simply because they are unaware of the alternatives available.

Many drivers do not know that they have the right to transfer traffic cases up to the higher county court. And opting to move your case to a jury trial instead of a bench trial could result in better outcomes depending on the jurisdiction.

How Can A Lawyer Help Me Resolve A Traffic Violation?

An experienced traffic lawyer can guide you through the heavy decisions, like the best plea option for your case and whether or not to move your case based on the jurisdiction.

While hiring a lawyer is not required to resolve traffic citations in Alpharetta Municipal Court, they can provide valuable insight for better resolutions, ease, and convenience.

If you’d like assistance or guidance, schedule a free consultation to speak to an attorney today.