How to Resolve a Traffic Ticket in Atlanta Municipal Court

Atlanta Municipal Court is the busiest municipal court in Georgia. They handle a significant volume of cases daily. Luckily, they continue to grow to meet the ever-present demands of a busy city court by implementing technological advances to improve the customer service experience.

For example, if you forgot your court date or are concerned about missing it, you can text your citation number to (404) 975-1115, and it will tell you your court date and send you a reminder text the day before.

What is the PTIT Program for Traffic Violations?

In many cases, PTIT (Pre-Trial Intervention – Traffic) is an excellent option for dismissing a traffic ticket in Atlanta municipal court. It allows cases to be resolved by paying a fee and, sometimes, completing a defensive driving course. The benefits are significant for drivers who might face serious consequences such as a suspended license or increased insurance rates.

If you are eligible for PTIT, the Court will transfer your case to the PTIT calendar.

Preparing for Your Court Date at Atlanta Municipal Courthouse

Performing relevant research before your court date is the best way to prepare for your case. You will have to make several important decisions within moments of entering the courtroom:

  • Do you want to plead guilty or not guilty?
  • Should you enter a nolo plea or a guilty plea?
  • Is a bench trial better than a jury trial?

It’s wise to understand your options and make a decision before you arrive in court. Usually, the judges and prosecutors do not have spare time to engage in a lengthy analysis of your options. Plus, it is not their job to advise you of the best course of action in your case. So it would not be in your best interest to look to them alone for relevant information about your case.

What Paperwork Should I Bring to Court for a Traffic Offense?

Many drivers forget to bring relevant paperwork to the courthouse. For example, provide documents that show proof of any repairs if an officer charged you with an equipment violation, such as a broken headlight or tint violation. Or, if your charges include driving without insurance, but you had valid insurance at the time, you want to bring the proper documents as proof.

Do I Need to Hire an Attorney for a Traffic Violation in Atlanta?

Hiring an attorney for a traffic violation is not required. But having someone who regularly practices in the Atlanta Municipal Court can be incredibly beneficial for your case.

If you don’t have a clear understanding of the decisions you will have to make or the possible consequences, it’s a good idea to speak with someone knowledgeable before you go to court.

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