How to Prepare for Your Traffic Court Date at Smyrna Municipal Court

There are several traffic violations that might land you in Smyrna Municipal Court. Possible offenses include:

Any of the above violations could result in hefty fines, increased insurance rates, license suspension, and even jail time.

Additionally, traffic offenses have the added risk of increasing points on your driving record. These potential consequences can be overwhelming when you don’t understand how points on your record factor into your situation. While a few penalties might not be anything to worry about, if you accumulate too many within a certain period, your license could be suspended by the state.

How Do You Check Your Driving History?

Knowing the status of your driving history provides a better understanding of the penalties you could face for a new ticket. So it’s a good idea to keep track of how many points you currently have.

There are four ways you can get a copy of your personal Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) from the Georgia Department of Driver Services.

  1. Download the DDS 2 Go Mobile App and view two years of your driving history for free
  2. Use the DDS website and create an online account
  3. Arrive in-person at any DDS Customer Service Center
  4. Request a certified copy in the mail by submitting a letter or Motor Vehicle Request Form (DDS-18).

You can use any of these options to request a 3-year, 7-year, or lifetime driver history report for a small fee.

Should I Plead Nolo to Keep My Insurance Rates From Increasing?

Many drivers assume their premium will increase just because of extra points on their record, but that’s not always the case. Insurance companies are more concerned with what types of traffic violations are on your record more than the number of points you’ve incurred.

Many ill-informed drivers decide to plead no contest (nolo) because they assume it will look better than a guilty plea for their insurance. However, this is not the case because insurance companies do not always differentiate between the two plea options.

So, while the nolo plea can be beneficial in specific cases, it would be best to seek guidance from an attorney before you make a hasty decision in court. Because, usually, it is more advantageous to seek a complete dismissal or a reduction to a non-reportable offense rather than pleading no contest.

How Can A Lawyer Help me Resolve a Traffic Violation?

Even if you are unsure about hiring a lawyer, it’s a good idea to consult with a legal professional before you go to court. Not only can an attorney advise you of your options, but they can help you create a strategy for reducing your charges or penalties before you arrive at Smyrna Municipal Court.

If you’d like assistance or guidance, schedule a free consultation to speak to an attorney today.