Reckless Driving Featured ImageAggressive Driving Won’t Buy You Anything But Trouble

These days, you’re busier than ever, and sitting in traffic won’t make your life any easier. It may seem like you needed to be almost anywhere five minutes ago.

You’re not alone. We have all experienced the frustration, sometimes escalating to road rage as a result of poor driving by other drivers and/or regular rush hour traffic.

However, whether we are late for an appointment, or rushing because of an emergency, Georgia drivers are still expected to follow the rules of the road.

Aggression = Accidents

Wondering why aggressive drivers are even a problem? Atlanta police officers, prosecutors and judges know that the vast majority of traffic accidents are caused by driving aggressively in some form, whether it results from excessive speed, erratic lane change, or simply cutting other drivers off. As a result, these types of tickets tend to be fully prosecuted; those convicted for driving aggressively face stiff consequences.


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Driving Without A License Range of PenaltiesWas I Actually Driving Aggressively?

The charge of "Aggressive Driving" (O.C.G.A. §40-6-397) in Atlanta serves as a catchall charge that can and will encompass any number of traffic violations.

Ran a stoplight? That could be interpreted as driving aggressively. Tailgating is in there too. So is failing to yield or even passing a vehicle on the right side.

Almost any time you find yourself violating any of the rules of the road, you could potentially be charged with this statute. The fact that it was designed to address many types of driving makes driving aggressively a difficult charge to defend.

Keeping Your Behavior in Check

Almost all of these incidents start with another driver. Whether they cut you off or simply weren’t driving as they should, what begins as basic agitation can quickly escalate and have an impact on your driving.

Before you ever get in the car, it’s best to remind yourself that you don’t have to get frustrated. Allow yourself plenty of time to move from place to place, and you’ll have a natural solution for this very common problem.

10.2015 Web Images Updates.001The Consequences of Aggression

If you’ve been charged with being aggressive on the road, you’re facing one of the most serious traffic violations in Georgia. It carries a 6-point license penalty if convicted, usually accompanied by expensive fines, increased insurance rates and possible jail time.

If you are under 21, an Aggressive Driving conviction in Atlanta will result in an automatic suspension of your license.

Get the Legal Help You Need

Many defenses are available to individuals charged with driving aggressively, however, it is critical that you are familiar with the Court you are in and the possible defenses before going forward with your trial. Contact Attorney Erin Gerstenzang, an experienced aggressive driving lawyer, today to discuss