Facing Drug Charges in Georgia

Whether it is a small amount of marijuana (still illegal under Georgia law) or a more serious drug such as heroin or cocaine, being charged with possessing an illegal substance is a serious offense with consequences that can have a devastating impact on your future. We’ll help you navigate the criminal justice system, and can fight for your rights before the case ever reaches a courtroom.

Hiring the right drug attorney

The best quality defense will depend upon you selecting a highly qualified and dedicated attorney to fight on your behalf. And while most people understand that hiring an experienced attorney to handle their drug charge is critically important when there is so much to lose, you may not be aware of the urgency to do so immediately. Challenging the search in a drug charge case is one of the most successful legal methods for having your drug charge dismissed, however, in most cases, this motion has to be filed within 10 days of your initial court arraignment.

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Talk to Attorney Erin Gerstenzang today to discuss what deadlines you need to be aware of and what your chances are of having the drug charge dismissed entirely. Erin has successfully handled a wide variety of drug possession charges, and with years of experience and an intimate knowledge of the weaknesses of routine law enforcement searches of vehicles, homes and persons, Erin is ready to go to work for you, and start mounting the most credible and viable defenses available in your case.

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If you’re facing a drug charge, you can rely on Attorney Erin Gerstenzang. Contact our offices today to discuss your case.

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