Atlanta Drug Defense AttorneyFacing Drug Charges? You Need An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

The legal system in Georgia treats drug possession as a serious offense.

Whether it is a minor amount of marijuana or a more serious drug such as heroine or cocaine, if you are charged with possessing any illegal substance, the consequences can have a devastating impact on your future.

A drug conviction will stay on your record for the rest of your life.  This means you will have to explain to every future employer or academic institution why you were convicted of possessing illegal narcotics.

Criminal Defense attorney Erin Gerstenzang can help you navigate the criminal justice system by actively litigating your case and seeking a dismissal of the drug charges.


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Looking At the Initial Drug Search

Looking at Initial Drug SearchA crucial aspect of evaluating the quality of the government's drug possession case is a close analysis of the search the police conducted prior to discovering drugs.

Many drug charges are dismissed as the result of an unlawful search or seizure. In some instances the police will conduct an unlawful search by coercing an individual to give "voluntary" consent to search.  Sometimes they will simply search without consent at all.

Often younger people are more vulnerable to these types of searches because they are less likely to challenge the officer's authority.  Unfortunately, many people who have been subjected to an illegal search don't realize it soon enough.  They assume that since the police found the drugs, they should just plead guilty.  This can be a tragic mistake.

Depending on the charge, pleading guilty to drug possession can have dire consequences ranging from a license suspension to serious jail time, along with a lifetime criminal record.

Only a close study of what occurred prior to, during and after the search will expose potential weaknesses of the case.

Several Drug Defenses are Available

Drug DefensesAttacking the validity of the search is not the only method available for beating a drug possession charge.  Many people overlook opportunities to challenge the forensic analysis of the drug itself.  Drug analysis is not a perfect science.  However, since it is a science, many people, including attorneys are easily intimidated by the science involved, and they ignore viable challenges to possibly flawed evidence.

Finally, many drug charges are the result of very aggressive police questioning and interrogation.  Again, younger individuals are far more likely to be subjected to this kind of intimidation and bullying.  Because younger individuals are less likely to be financially capable of hiring an experienced attorney to litigate the case, many of those unlawful and coercive police practices are never exposed -- because those same individuals simply plead guilty.

The cost of hiring an attorney early to fight your case is an investment in your future.  The prosecutor is not going to assume responsibility for identifying weaknesses in their own case.  Often, they will not investigate evidence of their case unless and until you hire a qualified drug attorney. Atlanta Lawyer Erin Gerstenzang Since most prosecutors are responsible for hundreds of cases, if you go to court without a lawyer, there is tacit assumption that your case will result in an easy conviction.

Attorney Erin Gerstenzang has successfully handled a wide variety of drug possession charges.  She has an intimate knowledge of the weaknesses of routine law enforcement searches of vehicles, homes and persons.   Contact Attorney Gerstenzang today to discuss your case.