By Erin Gerstenzang

Getting arrested for a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) can have severe consequences beyond legal penalties. One of the most significant challenges people face after a DUI arrest is the publication of their mugshot on various online platforms. 

In recent years, posting mugshots online has become increasingly common. Law enforcement agencies and private websites have made it a routine to post arrest photos of individuals who have been booked into jail. Fortunately, these days we don’t see as many law enforcement photos online, but private publications can access them by way of an open records request. Most mugshots available online are associated with these types of private companies.

This can be problematic for individuals who may have been arrested for a minor offense or whose charges were ultimately dropped. In such cases, the mugshot may still be available online, creating significant issues for the individual’s personal and professional life.

The Embarrassment of Online Mugshots

A DUI arrest is already a humiliating experience for anyone. However, the embarrassment is compounded when your mugshot is plastered all over the internet. Online mugshots are accessible to anyone with an internet connection, and it’s impossible to control who sees them. These photographs can make you feel exposed and vulnerable, leaving you feeling your reputation is ruined forever. If your case has been resolved in your favor, you may be able to petition to have the photo removed.

In-Person Jail Mail: Expect Unwanted Attention

Not all reputational damage happens online. After a DUI arrest, you can also expect to receive jail mail at the address on your driver’s license, meaning that everyone living at that address with you will also be aware of your arrest. It can be an uncomfortable experience for you and your family, making the situation even more distressing.

Don’t Talk About Your Case Online

Finally, it should go without saying that one should avoid posting anything about your case or commenting online regarding the charge or the agency. Until your case is closed and your lawyer gives you the green light, you should not be discussing your case on or offline.

The EHG Legal Team is obsessed with softening the blow to your reputation online and in life. We have spent nearly two decades helping professionals, students, parents, truck drivers, nurses, teachers, lawyers, contractors, plumbers, and elected officials protect the future they have worked so hard to build. We look forward to helping you return to normal as quickly as possible.