Resolving A License Suspension For Failure to Appear At Roswell Municipal Court

If you get charged with a traffic ticket in Roswell Municipal Court you will receive a summons to appear in traffic court to resolve your citation. Essentially, this is your formal invitation for your mandatory presence in a specific court at a specified date and time.

Unfortunately, many people miss their court date by mistake – and often carry on unaware that the court has charged them with a failure to appear status and suspended their license as a result.

The court also issued a bench warrant for your arrest. But, unless your offense is a serious crime, it is unlikely that the police will actively pursue the warrant.

Instead, you might find out about the warrant and license suspension if you get pulled over for a new traffic violation. And, much to your surprise, the officer will charge you for driving on a suspended license before placing you under arrest for the FTA bench warrant.

Getting My License Reinstated After FTA Suspension in Roswell Municipal Court

To get your Georgia Driver’s License reinstated, you must first contact a court clerk at the Roswell Municipal Court at (770) 641-3790 to learn your next steps. If you plan to hire an attorney – let her do the heavy lifting here.

Sometimes resolving the FTA status can be as simple as paying a fine. But if you don’t have an attorney, it may require a physical appearance in front of the judge.

The Courthouse is located at 38 Hill St, in the same building as City Hall downtown.

Additionally, the court will not issue you the 912 license release form until the underlying citation is closed. Typically, the quickest way to make this happen is by working out an agreement with the prosecutor.

What to Know Before Pleading Guilty to a Traffic Offense

For most drivers, a guilty plea offers a straightforward resolution. But for some, a guilty plea can make things complicated.

If the original citation is a simple, non-reportable traffic offense, then a guilty plea might have few negative consequences – other than an additional fine. But, other drivers could face far-reaching consequences – including a new license suspension.

Understandably, most drivers want to reinstate their license as quickly as possible. But you should be aware of how a guilty or nolo plea to your ticket will impact your driving record. If you have an out-of-state license you will also want to research what the penalties will be in your home state.

Other things to consider before pleading guilty include the impact on insurance rates and eligibility, CDL restrictions, prior offenses, points, and the age of the driver.

Am I Required to Hire an Attorney to Resolve an FTA Charge in Fulton County?

You can resolve your FTA status and license suspension without a lawyer and many drivers do. If you are looking for DIY options, nothing replaces research! Make sure you learn as much as you again about your driving record, your charge, and viable alternative options.

If you would like to explore how one of our attorneys can help make this easier on you, reach out today.