How much will my fine be in Atlanta Municipal Court?

Your fine amount will vary depending on the Judge and prosecutor.  Both have the ability to impose a higher or lower fine, depending on the circumstances of your case.  However, they are limited by the statutory maximum and minimum limits.  Atlanta Municipal Court has published a fine schedule which may be used as a general guideline if you are trying to estimate how much your fine may be.

Please keep in mind that nearly all fines will also have a surcharge added to it.  If you cannot pay your fine, the Judge may put you on probation to monitor your payment.  Being on probation could subject you to additional monthly fees.  If possible, you want to be in a position to pay your fine in its entirety to avoid probation.

The court accepts AMERICAN EXPRESS, DISCOVER, VISA, MASTERCARD, Money Orders, Checks and Cash (In person only).

 Click Here to download a PDF of the Atlanta Traffic Fine Schedule

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