By Erin Gerstenzang

Proceed with caution.  If you are driving on a limited permit, whether it be as a result of a DUI conviction, or otherwise, do not plead guilty or send in the fine money for any moving violation without speaking with an attorney.  Any conviction while driving on a limited permit may result in a revocation of your permit.

Revocation of permit

Any permittee who is convicted of violating any state law or local ordinance relating to the movement of vehicles or any permittee who is convicted of violating the conditions endorsed on his or her permit shall have his or her permit revoked by DDS. Any court in which such conviction is had shall require the permittee to surrender the permit to the court, and the court shall forward it to DDS within ten days after the conviction, with the notice of service form, and, if the court does not transmit electronically, a copy of the conviction.

Upon receipt of notice from the Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, and Addictive Diseases of the Department of Human Resources that a permittee who is required to complete a substance abuse treatment program pursuant to O.C.G.A. §40-5-63.1 enrolled in but failed to attend or complete such program as scheduled, DDS shall revoke such person‟s limited driving permit and, by regular mail to his or her last known address, notify such person of such revocation. Such notice of revocation shall inform the person of the grounds for and effective date of the revocation and of the right to review. The notice of revocation shall be deemed received three days after mailing.

Upon receipt of notice from a provider center for ignition interlock devices that an ignition interlock device has been tampered with or the permittee has failed to report for monitoring, DDS shall revoke the limited driving permit, and shall provide notice to the permittee as indicated above.

Any person whose limited driving permit has been revoked shall not be eligible to apply for a driver’s license until six months from the date such permit was surrendered to DDS or the date that DDS processes the conviction that resulted in the revocation. In any case of revocation of a limited driving permit, DDS may impose an additional period of suspension for the conviction upon which revocation of the permit was based.