How do I retrieve my car from impound after being arrested in Atlanta?

slides for web - FTA.015In order to obtain a release of an impounded vehicle, frequently the owner must present a current tag registration or title.

A bill of Sale less than twenty-one days will often be accepted in lieu of the title. If the Bill of Sale is more than twenty-one days old transfer of ownership will likely have to be completed prior to releasing.

The owner of an impounded vehicle can authorize another person to secure a release on an impounded vehicle. The owner must complete a Letter of Authorization including a notarized signature. The letter of authorization should include the owner’s name, address and phone number,  a description of the vehicle, tag number and V.I.N. and the person designated to secure a release.

The person authorized to obtain the release must present a current tag registration or title showing the owner as listed on the letter has a legal right to the vehicle.

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